1Does Clotures LS reinstall Pave?
Clotures LS doesn't reinstall pave.
2Does Clotures LS provide land surveyor services or know the land boundaries?
Clotures LS is not a land surveyor company nor does have the proper tools to know the exact land boundaries. Clotures LS follows the instructions provided by the landowner(s) and their certificate of location(s).
3Does Clotures LS bring the excess dirt from the holes that are dug with them?
No, we don't bring the dirt with us, it cannot be mixed with our sand and rock (Contamination) We can move or clean the earth as best as possible within reason.
4If Clotures LS causes damage to the grass, pave, asphalt, sprinklers, underground tubing, and wiring are they responsible?
No, it is marked on your contract that Clotures LS is not responsible. The landowner must take the necessary steps to avoid the possible damages. Clotures LS will do what they can within reason, to avoid damages.
5Can Clotures LS provide an exact date when they are coming back after the digging has been completed?
No, because of multiple reasons. Weather conditions can alter return time, lack of speed to the material supply chain, and depending if it rains, the cement underneath requires additional time to properly harden before our return. Also, if you ordered a specialized fence, we can only process the order of the panels / door(s) once the poles are installed which requires additional time to produce.
6How deep do you dig?
Our max depth for digging is 3ft. This number can also change depending on what's underneath. If there's and large presence of tree roots, rock etc., It's impossible to obtain such a depth. It doesn't mean the fence will fall, poles are usually aligned with multiple poles attached to each other, so it will keep structural integrity.
7What does ‘IN' mean?
The “IN” signifies where the side of the chain-link fence won't show the poles.
8Can Clotures LS provide us with a precise date of when they will start the digging job/ mounting job?
No, due to weather changes, supply lines and other factors, it is impossible to do so and to risky to appoint a date with such a large gap with those factors in play (weeks) However Clotures LS advises (if asked) the client(s) that we will come within a time period (Ex: Next week, Beginning or end of the Month etc.) We also call a day before to advise of our arrival. We call multiple days in advance if the client has cedars or old fence or objects to remove in advance, before our arrival.
9Can Clotures LS tell me where my land ends and begins?
No, Clotures LS follows what information is given to them by the landowner(s) and Clotures LS is not responsible if the install was not in the right place, because Clotures LS is following the info provided by the landowner(s).
10Does Clotures LS accept credit card payments?
Clotures LS only accepts credit card payments for deposits only, of up to 2000$.